Black Wool Felt Vintage Turban Hat with White Feathers & Beads Jane Morgan 22

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True Hollywood glam, this vintage turban hat has white feathers with 3 pearlescent white glass seed beads threaded onto long feather spines that are attached to white half moon felt appliques - one on each side of the front - and then a full round  at the center of the crown.

Measurements:  Interior measurement is 22".  The height, with the measurement at the center front, is approximately 5". 

Label:  Jane Morgan Exclusive.

I haven't been able to track down much information on Jane Morgan or her hats, but this stupendous vintage 1940s black wool felt turban hat must have been one of her most outstanding!

Condition:  Excellent -- The feather stems are fragile. I found one that has broken off of the top circle of feathers, where there are also 3 bent/cracked feather spines.  It also looks like one feather broke off on the right side half moon.  None of this is particularly distracting because there are so many feathers. Other than these minor  feather related items, the hat is in very sturdy, very wearable, excellent condition.