Luscious Deep Red Rose Shaped Velvet Vintage Hat – Miss Mary - 1960

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Stunning deep red velvet vintage hat that dates to the 1960s … if you love red and you love roses, this is the hat for YOU! The rich red velvet that creates this hat is twisted and sewn in such a way as to appear as if the hat is a perfectly open rose when viewed from the top. Quite stunning!

Measurements:  Interior measurement is 22 ½”. It is about 4 ½” high.

Label:  There are two labels: Miss Mary New York and Lord & Taylor Salon.

Condition:  Excellent condition. The labels are both slightly yellowed. On the photo of the top of the hat, some of the folded areas appear white. In reality, they are not glaring white, but definitely are lighter because the fabric is creased there and it separates the nap.