Vintage Pink Geranium Confetti Lucite Castlecraft Earrings

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A splendid pair of vintage Castlecraft earrings featuring sparkly confetti Lucite “buttons”. There are pink flecks, and iridescent pink flecks within the Lucite, along with a little bit of gold glitter. Castlecraft called this color, part of the Gayla Color Chart, Pink Geranium.  So pretty!

Measurements:  Earrings measure 7/8” in diameter.

Signed:  Unsigned. They can be identified by the use of the Hillcraft / Castlecraft square gold filled wire that creates the unique feature that allows the earrings to slide on the ear rather than be clipped. This pair of earrings also has the smaller flower cap finding on the ends of each earring.

Condition:  Excellent condition.