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Every item of clothing, jewelry, for fashion accessory in our inventory is either antique or vintage and, therefore, must be considered to be USED.

All items will come to you from our pet-free, smoke-free shop but we have no way of knowing what conditions they may have been exposed to prior to being added to our inventory.

We sell a large variety of beautiful items including brand-new HANDMADE home decor and jewelry as well as antiques, but our first love - our specialty is antique and vintage clothing.

Vintage clothing  that means that every item is at least 20 years old and Antique clothing (for our shop) means that it was made before 1940.  Antique and vintage items (clothing or otherwise) must be considered as having been used.  All items are stored in a smoke-free, pet-free environment, but we have no way of knowing under what condition an item was kept prior to it being in our possession.

Non clothing items -- Antiques are at least 75 years old.  Vintage items are at least 20 years old.

Handmade jewelry and home decor items are new items that have never been used.  They are made by ME and are tagged with my personal Victim of Cupcakes label or Lost River Gems.


How Can I Tell If a Garment Will Fit Me?

Size Chart - Guideline

How will I know the condition of an antique or vintage garment?

Do you sell reproduction items?

How much does shipping cost?

Do you combine shipping for multiple purchases?

Can vintage/antique garments be worn?

Jewelry Condition Ratings


How can I tell if a garment will fit me? TOP

When planning your purchase, bear in mind that vintage sizing is much smaller than current sizing. We measure all clothing items by laying each item flat and measuring, then doubling the measurement.

For the BUST, we measure the item flat, across, from armpit to armpit.

For the WAIST, we measure the item flat, across, at the waist seam if there is one; otherwise at the natural waistline or smallest curve, usually 8″ below the armpit.

For the HIPS, we measure the item flat, across at the fullest point of the skirt, or approximately 8″ below the waist when there is no definite hip.

For the LENGTH, we measure the item flat, vertically, from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the hem on a skirt; for a dress, we measure from the outer edge of the shoulder seam to the bottom of the hem. Sometimes, measurements may be given for the bodice portion and then for the skirt portion of the dress.

For the SHOULDERS, we measure the item on the back straight across, horizontally, from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.

How We Measure Our Garments


In order to assure a good fit, we recommend that you use the same method to measure a garment that fits you well. We also recommend that you add an inch or two to your own measurement when comparing to the measurements we give, to allow for ease of movement. Remember, too, that modern shoulders are generally broader than most women’s shoulders were in the past and armholes may feel much smaller than what you are used to wearing today.

We’ve also made up an APPROXIMATE Size Chart to help give you a starting place when looking for vintage wearables. Just look in the next FAQ section below!

Size Chart - Guideline TOP

We've made up a chart you can use as a GUIDELINE to help you choose vintage wearable dresses in your general size. Measurements are taken with garment laid flat and measured across. This number is then doubled. ALWAYS remember to refer to the actual measurements given in the individual item description and order with these in mind.

Size Chart

How will I know the condition of an antique or vintage garment? TOP

We make every effort to describe each garment completely. Any flaws we find will be noted in individual item descriptions. We aren't perfect, so it is possible that minor flaws can be missed. We do try our best, though! Please remember that none of the garments we offer are new. In almost all cases, these items have been pre-owned and pre-worn. Even "New Old Stock" (NOS) items may have been tried on over the years. All garments come to you from a smoke-free, pet-free environment. Since we are not the original owner of any item, we do not know what conditions the garment was exposed to prior to our ownership.


MINT: Garments that are like new. There is NO deterioration or damage of any kind. We rarely use this term to describe an item. It may be used on a garment that is "New Old Stock" (NOS) that still bears the original tags after careful inspection.

EXCELLENT: Garments in near mint condition. There may be very small tears or loose seams that are either VERY INCONSPICUOUS or easily repairable. Tiny stains that MAY come out with laundering or dry cleaning and are VERY INCONSPICUOUS. There may be neatly done repairs.

VERY GOOD: Garments that have small amounts of minor tears, minor stains, or minor deterioration/damage. In any case, they are not obvious and do not detract from the appearance and/or integrity of the item.

GOOD or FAIR: Garments that have several tears, stains, or other damage/deterioration. They are noticeable and may detract from the appearance of the item.

POOR: Garments having a large number of tears, stains, and/or damage/deterioration. This would include a garment that is in excellent condition other than a large and very noticeable flaw. An integral piece of the garment may be missing. Best used for study, or possibly display with creative arranging

Do you sell reproduction items? TOP

Our inventory is carefully hand selected and, unless plainly stated otherwise, we guarantee each and every item to be either antique or vintage. There are a few items marked "NOS" (New Old Stock). These are vintage garments that have never been worn and still have the original tags attached. NOS items may have been tried on, but otherwise it is safe to assume that they are never worn items. If you are in need of a reproduction garment, send us an email and we can put you in contact with an associate who can assist you. Some jewelry items may be "contemporary" and will be plainly marked as such. We consider "contemporary" jewelry to be items produced within the last decade. "Estate jewelry" is likely to be contemporary and we will provide as much information as we are able to gather about it.

How much does shipping cost? TOP

Shipping is calculated at the time of checkout. 

Orders totalling more than $100 will require a signature upon delivery.

We will issue a refund of shipping cost overages over $3.01 in the same manner as your payment was made.

Do you combine shipping for multiple purchases? TOP

We're happy to combine shipping on multiple purchases for our customers who purchase more than one item at the same time. If you're interested in more than one item and would like a shipping quote, just send us an email and we'll be happy to calculate the charge for you.  Please note:  If the number of items purchased total over $200.00, we will require a signature on delivery.


At this time we are not shipping to countries outside the U.S.  Due to recent postage increases it has become difficult to calculate shipping costs for many items - particularly heavier items. In order to give you the best possible shipping rate, we will be doing individual calculations. If you attempt to place an order and our shopping cart won't allow it, please contact us and we will calculate and enter shipping costs to your particular location. We try to ship to all locations where our insurance carrier provides coverage. There are some countries to which we do not ship. Our prices do not include your country's taxes, fees, duties, etc. YOU are responsible for paying any VAT, taxes, duties, etc.

Can vintage/antique garments be worn? TOP

All items are true vintage (over 20 years old) or antique (over 80 years old) unless otherwise stated. When deciding whether or not an item can be worn, take into consideration the fact that fabrics and threads are not new and there will be age deterioration. This is a fact about ANY vintage or antique garment.

When purchasing a vintage or antique item, please bear in mind that the fabrics will be more fragile than a brand-new item and will not withstand the stress of modern wear unless the wearer takes particular care and has purchased an item in a size that allows for proper movement. We do not warrant or guarantee that vintage or antique garments will withstand the stress of modern wear. We are not responsible for damage done to items due to improper sizing choice and/or the wearer’s physical activity, and in fact do not recommend wearing most clothing older than the mid-1930s.

Jewelry Condition Ratings TOP

We make every effort to accurately describe everything in our shop, including jewelry. I am very picky about condition and tend to overstate flaws

MINT condition means that this piece of jewelry is brand new and has never been worn and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. This rating is almost never used.

NEAR MINT condition means that this piece of jewelry appears to have never been worn and has been impeccably cared for. Sometimes patina is seen (think “tarnish” as in silver) and has not been removed.

EXCELLENT condition means that this piece of jewelry is in exceptional condition with no visible problems and little evidence of having been worn. There will be no missing or discolored or dead stones, no chips or peeling of enamel or plating. If any repairs have been made, they are so well done that there is absolutely no evidence. The backs may show minor wear as long as the front is exceptional.

VERY GOOD condition means that this piece of jewelry has been worn but with care. There are no missing stones, no discolored or dead stones, no peeling on pearls or beads. Enameled and plated surfaces may show slight wear and backs may be slightly worn. If any stones have been replaced, they may be slightly different but a good match and the item is still beautiful. Mechanical parts may be slightly loose, but still in fine working order.

GOOD condition means that this item is still in quite wearable condition. Close inspection may show wear to the plating, slightly discolored stones – gray or yellowed, minor chipping, and basically … evidence of age appropriate wear.

POOR condition means that there is significant wear visible. There may be missing or darkened stones, broken parts that may or may not be repairable.