1920s 2-Piece Silk Art Deco Dinner Dress or Tea Gown with Lace Jacket

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An exquisite original antique art deco silk tea or dinner dress and lace jacket from the mid 1920’s. Not every special occasion calls for a flashy beaded flapper dress and this antique dress and coat are the proof.

The dress consists of peach colored silk georgette trimmed at the hem with 3 ½” wide lace under a sheer, natural color silk chiffon crepe decorated vertically down the center front with a band of 3 ¼” wide floral patterned Point de Venice needle lace. On either side at the top of the vertical lace band are snap fasteners that once held the jacket in place. The silk crepe and lace jacket is breathtaking with matching floral Point de Venice needle lace bands on each sleeve, down the center back, and horizontally at the dropped waistline where it widens in the front. The lower third of the jacket is Schiffli. The edges of the lace insertions are decorated with metallic thread on the jacket only, which adds much visual depth. Silk covered weights are sewn on the interior at the center front of each side and there is shirring at the shoulders. The jacket sleeves are beautifully designed. Below the lace band, three individual squares of crepe are attached at two opposite corners – one corner to the lace band and the other to the cuff band, and leaving the remaining two corners free, creating a lovely fluttering effect with arm movement.