1920s Round Glasses Frame Celluloid with Case

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Completely original, authentic round eyeglasses from the 1920s / 1930.

They feature celluloid frames and straight arms. The lenses are glass but there doesn’t seem to be much, if any, vision correction. The color is very dark brown to almost black, possibly faux tortoiseshell. AND they come with their original leather case.  Great for Gatsby costumes or parties.

When the arms are fully extended, they curve out, away from the wearer’s head. Please note the photo.

Each lens is about 1 6/8” in diameter. Width of the frame from the very outer edge, where the arm attaches to the front frame, across to the other is 5 1/8”. Each arm is slightly more than 6” long – difficult to measure due to the slight curve for fit. The arch where the nose piece is 5/8” across. Leather case about 8" long 2 1/2" wide.

There are no markings on the frames as to manufacturer.

In excellent condition and the glass lenses have no scratches. 

** Although we inspect each pair of eyeglasses, we make no warranties or guarantees.  They are old and wearable but they must be treated with respect for their age.  MOST of the time, the old lenses can be replaced with modern lenses but only an optician can tell you for certain.  We recommend that all lenses be removed by a professional optician.**