Antique Beaded 1920s Evening Dress Jet Black Beads, Silk, and Lace Flapper

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This elegant deep ebony black original antique flapper dress dates to the 1920s. It is is made in layers.

The underdress is black silk satin. Over that is an abundance of netting and lace. There is a full length layer and from the dropped waist down, there is a shorter, more gathered layer. I’m not a lace expert, but I believe the lace is Chantilly. Lastly, there is a full-length beaded panel down the center front and below the waistband on the center back. All layers are sewn together at the dropped waistline, which helps to hold the weight of the glass beading. The dress is sleeveless with scoop neckline. There is a scarf-like piece of lace attached at the top of the left shoulder. I believe I’ve arranged the lace on the shoulders incorrectly – they do appear to possibly be sort of a cap, but I’m starting to think they are really meant to be tucked in like a facing the way it is done at the center back neckline.

At the dropped waist is a twisted band of black satin ribbon and a rosette bow medallion is placed at the left hip.

Label:  None

Condition:   Very good. The beading is in very good condition. The black beads on the black ground tends to hide any missing beads. One photo shows the area with the most bead loss, which is on the lower front. The lace has a few ravels and breaks, but no glaring tears. The netted full length under dress does have several significant tears, most notably the netted lace layer behind the beaded panel on the front. It is on a drawstring and is shown very clearly in the photo that shows the side front snap closure. This layer is not necessary to the structure or for modesty and could be unsnapped and displayed so it would not show.

Photographing black is a little tricky. Some photos have been lightened in order to show detail – the dress is very black. In some instances, the lace appears to be missing (particularly at the shoulders – the threads are fine enough that they aren’t being picked up in the photo.

Measurements are given for reference only. The dress is still very sturdy, excellent for careful display, and the beading appears to be strong, but in my opinion would probably not tolerate being worn today.


  • Bust: 34”
  • Waist: 41”
  • Hips: 50”
  • Length: 46” measured from center of shoulder

This is an antique dress and fragile. It is sold as is – no returns. Please be sure to read our return policy for antique dresses. ****Adult signature on delivery is required