Antique Misers Purse Knitted Turquoise Blue and Cut Steel Beads Victorian

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This beautiful antique Victorian purse, commonly called a miser’s purse, dates to the mid-19th century, approximately 1860 to the 1890s.  It is knitted with turquoise blue colored thread, like a robin's egg blue – an unusual and delightful color – with square designs of cut steel beads.

The center opening is about 3 ¾” long and has steel rings on each side.

The knitted portion of the purse measures 9 ¼” in length, plus approximately 2” of beading on each end for a total length of about 13 ½”. (There is a ¼” discrepancy because the beading on the ends is approximate.)

There are 2 tiny breakages in the thread on the edge of the opening. I’ve looked at both with a jeweler’s loupe and it looks like one is actually tied off, although I’m not certain. The other may be as well. The larger of the two has been covered by one of the steel rings and “wants” to sit over it, so that it doesn’t show.

Almost all of the beads are free of rust. I have included one photo of a few rusted beads. As typical of antique miser’s purses the beadwork is different on each end. I have read that this would help the owner of the purse know which end carried gold coins or silver.

The beadwork “fringe” does have breakage which has been tied off.

Every computer screen shows colors differently. On my computer screen, the color looks a tiny bit too blue. It does have a bit of a green tint. If exact color is important to you, please note that this purse is sold as is (no return).

In very good condition, with issues noted above. Sold as is.


This is an antique purse and due to its fragile nature cannot be returned.