Antique Victorian Crocheted Black Misers Purse with Cut Steel Beads

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This is a wonderful example of a mid to late 19th century purse, commonly known as a miser’s purse. It is crocheted from black thread and decorated with cut steel beads.

One end of the purse is rounded while the other is squared. Both ends are finished with tassels made of teardrop shaped steel beads.

The slide rings are both present and shiny. The opening is about 4 ¼” long and the crocheted portion of the purse is 12” in length and the steel bead tassels add a little more to the length.

Condition:  Very good. Both tassels appear to not have any bead loss. There is an area of rust to the beadwork on the rounded end. The squared end looks to have torn, but there is a nice, secure period repair. I’ve had this purse in my collection for quite some time and never even noticed it until photographing it.

This is an antique purse and is sold as is (no return).