Deep Purple Velvet Antique Victorian Hat with Ostrich Plume Feather

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This deep purple velvet ladies hat with a sweet plume feather dates to the late Victorian era, circa 1898, when small hats were worn perched atop the head.

The entire hat is covered in beautiful deep purple velvet, both inside and out, save for the crown which is has a drawn black cotton lining.  A white ribbon with a design embroidered in purple circles the base of the crown and ends in 4 graduated loops.  A curled ostrich plume is sewn in at the base of the ribbon loops.

Similar hats are shown in the Cincinnati Importing Millinery Company Catalogue & Premium List No. 6, Fall and Winter, 1898-9.  Also on about the 17th page of the Advertising Section of "The Puritan" magazine September 1899.

Measurements:  As this hat was meant to be worn on top of the hair, the inner circumference is quite small at about 14 ½” – just about right to hide your hair bun!  The width of the widest part of the brim is 14”.  And the crown is a little over 2 ½” high.

Condition:  In excellent condition, the only real flaw is that there seem to be water spots on the very top of the crown and the nap on the velvet is worn right at the edge of the crown and some on the edge of the brim, and barely noticeable.  There are a couple of brownish spots on the ribbon, again not distracting.  There are thread loops that indicate that the lining has been reattached at some point, but it is well done and there is no apparent damage.

A great addition to your Victorian collection!