Flapper Bead Necklace Sautoir 1920s Gold Glass Beads Gatsby

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This is a splendid antique flapper bead necklace, dating to the 1920s – the “Gatsby” years. The necklace, which is likely handmade, is made of gold glass beads in a sautoir style with the two ends being attached for the bottom 3" and each side is finished with a beaded ball and fringe.

Measurements:  The necklace measures 30" around to the location where the 2 sides are attached. The attached section to the tassels is an additional 3 1/4", plus 4" of the ball and tassel.

Condition:  In excellent condition. Sturdy enough for gentle wear.

This necklace is nearly 100 years old and the thread that holds it together is, too!   Sorry, we cannot accept a return on this antique item.