Kramer Vintage Brooch Pin White Moonglow & Rhinestone

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This vintage brooch by Kramer dates to the 1950s. Its simple design is made stunning by the use of iridescent white moonglow beads that are set in a double circle. Two silvertone wisps, or “feathers”, covered with rhinestones curl up to the top. I’m afraid the photos really don’t show the depth of the moonglow beads.

Measurements:  The pin measures 1 ¼” in diameter, and if measured from the top of the tallest wisp to the bottom, it measures 1 ½”. 

Signed:  Signed ©KRAMER.

Condition:  In excellent condition.  Safety clasp is in fine working order and all stones are bright and present.  The larger baguette seems much brighter in the photos – I believe this is caused by the angle it is set because the stone is straight and the metal is curved.