Renoir Copper Cuff Bracelet Interplay Vintage MCM

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You’ll love this fabulous vintage retro Mid Century Modern design copper cuff bracelet by Renoir!  The style is named “Interplay” and features 11 bands of flat copper wires that are alternately bent in a kind of M shape at the center.

This is a book piece and can be found on page 122 of "Copper Art Jewelry" by Burkholz & Kaplan.  (It’s a little hard to find because their photo shows the bracelet at a different angle.)

Measurements:  Bracelet is 1” wide.  The interior measurement of the actual bracelet is 6”.  As it is here in my possession, the gap is 1”.  It is slightly adjustable in size.

Signed:  ©Renoir in script

Condition:  Excellent

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