Victorian Petticoat Mid 19th Century Civil War Era with ID

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A wonderful find, this is an original antique mid19th century Victorian petticoat, most likely from the Civil War era. Most unusual, is the ink stenciled laundry identification of the original owner “Emma A. Little”. The stenciling usually indicates that the owner was well to do enough that she didn't have to do her own laundry, but sent it out to be done for her.

The waist size is larger than is usually found, measuring 34”.

Machine sewn, there are 20 tucks in the lower third of the petticoat and one larger one about 14 ¼” below the waistband. The fabric is gathered to the waistband in tiny, tiny gathers. The hem is finished with a gathered ruffle. There is no difference in length, indicating that the petticoat was likely worn with an early, round, cage crinoline.


The condition is fair to poor. The white cotton has age darkened overall with some darker spots throughout. For the most part, the fabric is strong, but there are numerous areas of breakage around the waistband, some of which have been given some conservation stitches. The gathered ruffle at the bottom also has some tearing. The buttonhole is handmade but is torn and the button is not original, but a replacement.

Excellent for study or display, and especially nice to display with a period cage crinoline, or hoop, and dress.

Some photos show this petticoat over a period cage crinoline that is NOT included in price but may be available separately.

Measurements are given for information purposes only.


  • Waist: 34”
  • Hips: Open
  • Length: 36 ½”
  • Hem Circumference: 123”

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