Vintage Czech Goldtone Filigree Brooch with Sapphire Blue Stones

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A beautiful and elegant vintage Czech gilded brass filigree brooch that features a large emerald cut sapphire colored glass stone at the center.

The large blue glass stone is set in a rectangularly shaped filigree octagon and is set with 8 small stones – 2 on the top, bottom, and both sides.

Measurements:  1 ½” wide and 1 ¼” high.

Signed:  Signed on the back – Czecho

Condition:  Excellent condition. There are two tiny – dents? – in the center of the large blue stone. They don’t really look like nicks – could be where a bubble was in the glass. They can be seen only if held at angle. Makes a lovely, romantic gift for a friend or ... yourself!