Whitework Collar & Cuffs Victorian Eyelet Antique Civil War 1860s

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A lovely set of original antique white work eyelet embroidered (Ayrshire) collar and cuffs, dating to the mid-19th century – about the Civil War era.

In the Victorian days, most dresses weren’t “wash and wear” so the areas that came in contact with the body – neck and wrists – were protected by sewing in white cotton or linen collars and cuffs that could be removed for washing. Generally, a woman owned several sets and might sew a clean set in by hand every day – a quick job for those who grew up with a needle and thread in hand!

This set is particularly nice. I believe they are machine embroidered. The cuffs have remnants of black thread where they were sewn on and removed from a dress long ago.

The collar measures 14” long plus about ½”of bias fabric on each end. The main collar is 2 1/8” wide and the points at the ends are 3 ¼”.

Cuffs measure 7 ¾” long and 2” high (including the bias band).

As found with a bit of age darkening - I imagine they would soak clean very nicely if that is your wish. Otherwise, in excellent condition.